Beat The On Board Tea Fee

Touching the Summit

After flying for years with KLM and Air France, I was shocked to find I had to pay for a cuppa on Britain’s “premium” airline, British Airways.

If you guzzle tea like there is no tomorrow (like me), then it can be quite frustrating to pay £2.50 on board or approximately £3 for a cuppa at the departure gates. For a 1.5 hour flight, I could easily spend a tenner drinking tea until I reach my destination (departure gates and in flight).

Growing up, I could never splash out on cafe’s etc, I’d only spend money on what was 100% necessary. Although I can now buy a cuppa in a cafe, I still use frugal principles today.

My sister in law laughs at me for this sort of behaviour, but it is ingrained in me. I can’t help but thinking that 10 EUR saved on food and drink will…

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